Helena Bromboszcz

Helena Bromboszcz, a photographer specializing in fashion photography, is drawn to the field for its ability to explore various facets of female beauty in unorthodox ways. Recognizing the need for change in the fashion industry, she believes that her work may contribute to making it more environmentally conscious, inclusive, and empowering to women, all within the bounds of her aesthetic vision.

Her approach has garnered recognition from magazines such as Bricks Magazine, Elle Croatia, Nasty Magazine, Vogue Portugal, Schon Magazine, Sicky Magazine, and Sticks & Stones Agency. Additionally, Dew Magazine, Lucy’s Magazine, Resuer Magazine, and Vanguard Magazine have featured her work as cover shoots, highlighting the impact of her creative vision.

Helena has also collaborated with various brands, including but not limited to CCC, House, Marvel, Orsay, Perilla, Puma, Renee, Samsung, and Zhilyova Lingerie.