Helena Bromboszcz

My name is Helena Bromboszcz and I am a photographer specializing in fashion photography. It interests me because it allows me to explore various sides of female beauty, often in an unorthodox way. That being said, I also see that there is much to be changed in how fashion industry works and I believe that my work may make it at least slightly more environmentally conscious, inclusive and empowering to women – all of it according to my aesthetic vision.

My approach has been recognized by magazines such as Bricks Magazine, Cake Magazine, C-Heads, Elle Croatia, K Mag, L’Officiel, Mod Magazine, Nakid Magazine, Nasty Magazine, P Magazine, Polyester Magazine, Rekt Magazine, Schon Magazine, Sicky Magazine, Sticks & Stones Agency as well as Dew Magazine, Lucy’s Magazine and Resuer Magazine, who decided to feature my work as the cover shoots. I also collaborated with several fashion brands, including but not limited to House, Marvel, Orsay, Perilla, Prosto, Puma, Samsung and Zhilyova Lingerie.